Classic Noserider

Adapted from original Sixties design concepts and refined for today's performance standards to make it the tool for tip time in waves under 3'.

This board is not as quirky as the Sixties Classic- it's easier to ride and can be enjoyed through a broader range of ability. It's a treat in smaller waves due to its flatter rocker, soft rails and the rolled "V" through the hull. Ridden as a single fin, this small wave cruiser has unreal glide and flow allowing you to get out there and have a blast in even the most marginal conditions.

Sizes start at 8'6 and go up to 9'6. Smaller models are usually thruster set-ups. Single fin box, so you can change fins when you choose.


Longboarding owes so much to the 1960s pioneers. They discovered a feeling that continues today.

They surfed Cornwall and Devon using boards shaped for California and Hawaii, and did the best with the technology available. Technology has come a long way and Oblong know how to use it. We know how to make it work with our waves here in Europe. We use it for ourselves. We've got the Sixties vibe too, man!

We can build your board to your custom requirements. A good starting point, though, will be the Classic Noserider or the Sixties Classic. We also make small retros like the Pleasure Trip and the Fish.

Contact us for some help in deciding what is best for you.

We also build Progressive Longboards, Mini Mals and Small Retros.

Sixties Classic

Right, this is it, Old Schoolers! If you crave the glide, look no further. This is the ultimate time traveller - resin bleeds and tints for authentic colouring, heavyweight glassing. It's got a rolled bottom shape and 50/50 rails.

Hawaiian cloth inlays, custom glass-on fins and a resin leash loop complete the full retro look.

We can refine these boards to be a little more manageable than 35 years ago, but best not too much! You'll want to keep the feeling of what this style of surfing is really about. This Retro is recommended for the rider out to broaden his or her existing longboarding experience.

This board is all about trim and stall surfing, curling your toes around the nose and sliding towards the beach until the fin drags in the sand!

Sizes go from 9' to 9'6. Single fin only, of course!