The 'Mid Length' Mini Mal

A simple design that is very easy to use and will accommodate a wide range of conditions. The novice can progress rapidly and the intermediate-plus rider can breathe some new style into their repertoire.

This board is a very good option as a first board for the surfer wanting to make leaps forward in their surfing and then graduate to either smaller or larger equipment.

Sizes start at 7' and go up to 8'6. Smaller models are usually thruster set-ups. From 7'6 up we recommend a central fin box with smaller side fins (known as "2 plus 1").


Mini Mals are shorter versions of the classic Malibu surfboard. They are easier to manage and easier to get in the car!

Malibu is in California. Oblong are in Cornwall. We know how to shape for the waves you will ride in the British Isles.

We can build your board to your custom requirements. A good starting point, though, will be the Mid Length.

If the past is calling you, you can get retro on a Pleasure Trip, a short board for longboarders and the Fish for you expert shortboarders who don't give up when the waves are small.

Contact us for some help in deciding what is best for you.

We also build Progressive and Retro Longboards.

The 'Pleasure Trip' Retro

Sometimes known as the Egg retro, this is the ultimate fun shape for longboarders who want to try a small board. The design has the same nose, tail, width and thickness as a full Malibu, but is only six or seven feet long.

You get the paddling and wave-entry of a much larger board, but with a shorter rail line and flat rocker. This means you can drive it through fast carves in even the most marginal conditions, making this board a complement to anyone's summer quiver.

Sizes between 6'4 and 7'. Single or 2 plus 1 fin set-ups are our pleasure.

The 'Fish' Retro

Adapted from the Pleasure Trip but with shortboarders in mind for those smaller days. The Fish is slightly pulled in and has lower rails, shaped to suit. For the experienced surfer. Sizes 5'9 and up.