'The Flow' Noserider

Favoured by our longboard team riders for conditions from 1' through to as big as you can push yourself. The Flow seems to know no limits as the ultimate California style performance noserider. Huge flowing turns complemented by unreal noseriding performance mean a board that works as well from the nose as the tail.

The Flow handles smaller surf because it has less rocker than the Progressive. You will also find it has better gliding/planing so it's easier get noseriding.

Ridden as a single fin or 2 plus 1, you get fast paddling and early wave entry. A real Wave Magnet. The Flow is a true all-rounder able to handle pretty much anything that you can. All that's left is the pleasure of pushing the limits of the wave.

Sizes start at 9' and go up to 9'6. You can have single or 2 plus 1 fin set-ups - we'll go with the flow.


We have pleasure in introducing Oblongboarding.

Team Oblong use these longboards, and they've been doing rather well. So will you. We've worked out the size and shape you need. You can tell us what you want it to look like.

We can build your board to your custom requirements. A good starting point, though, will be the the Flow or the Progressive, or checkout our classic Retro longboards.

Contact us for some help in deciding what is best for you.

We also build Retro Longboards, Mini Mals and Small Retros.

'The Progressive' Noserider

The extreme end of modern longboarding. If you want a Mal with speed and manoeuvrability that lends itself to high performance surfing then this is it!

The Progressive has two different widths, wider for 3' through 6' waves and narrow for waves of a rather more serious tone.

A curvacious outline, aggressive foil and light-weight construction make this a very fast and responsive board. With the Progressive under your feet you are capable of high performance, progressive moves - re-entries, floaters, and if you push it, 360s!

If you can't resist the temptation to smash the lip and want to charge when it gets bigger, get to know a Progressive.

Sizes start at 9'1 and go up to 9'4. Choose from thruster or 2 plus 1 fin set-ups.